New Years Eve at Casa Tolomei

Bagni di Lucca is an ideal location to spend time around Christmas.

During the day,  you can head to the slopes of Abetone for a day of skiing in one of the most famous resorts in Tuscany,  only 40 kilometers from the Villa.

Alternatively you could spend a day at the thermal baths of Bagni di Lucca,  enjoying the natural grottoes (caves that are like natural saunas or vapour baths), the thermal waters of the pool, or some of the various other treatments offered. From Casa Tolomei you can easily  reach the Thermal Baths by car (5 minutes) or on foot by a romantic walk in the woods called the via dell’amore, or path of love .

For New Years Eve you could rent the entire floor of the Villa and have a wonderful dinner in the grand sala, or dine in one of the many great restaurants around, all of which are just a few meters away.


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