The wonderful nativity in Monti di Villa

Bagni di Lucca has a wonderful tradition, the presepio vivente or living nativity scene.  Every year, one of the quaint mountain villages takes a turn to recreate the nativity scene by setting up the entire village to represent past times in an extremely charming way. I have to say this is one of Bagni di Lucca’s best-loved traditions. This year it was the turn of Monti di Villa, a village right on top of the mountains which enjoys amazing views all around.

We arrived early to fully enjoy the charming atmosphere of this amazing set up, which beautifully recreated what could have been a Roman village at the time when Jesus was born.

While walking around the village admiring the nativity, one could enjoy some of the many specialties offered by various stalls, such as homemade tortelli, bomboloni (donuts), pizza, home made bread with local oil, pasta fritta, tigelle, necci (pancakes made with chestnut flour), roast chestnuts, mulled wine, etc…

Even Santa made his  appearance, progressing through the village to check who’s been naughty or nice.

The whole scene is set up to anticipate the arrival of baby Jesus

It was an amazing day, and, as every year, so well attended. Throngs of people kept arriving till late in the afternoon, to enjoy the spectacle of such a magical event in the most stunning setting.

We can’t wait to attend next year’s nativity in another beautiful village of Bagni di Lucca.

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  1. This is a lovely tradition. I also like the way nearly every shop window in town has its own little Nativity scene

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