A sunny walk from La Villa to “Il Moro”

Today was sunny again, so we decided to explore further paths around our home. We love walking and we’re extremely happy to have so many possibilities just at our doorstep.

The path to Il Moro, a very high viewpoint just a few kilometers from Bagni di Lucca, starts at Il Paretaio, when the road up from La Villa turns down to Bagni Caldi (before continuing to Ponte a Serraglio). We were amazed to discover such a blissfully peaceful, sunny and spectacular path.

Along the way there are some beautiful waterfalls to be seen

All around are amazing views. We could see so many villages perched on the mountains

When we arrived at Moro basso we continued towards Moro alto

From Moro alto there is another path to Longoio, a beautiful village on the mountains of Bagni di Lucca.

We decided to leave Longoio for another time. The sun was slowly setting and we headed for home, enjoying the views of our pretty village in the warm glow of the sunset.

It was yet another charming walk and a great way to enjoy a blissfully sunny day!

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    1. It is a wonderful walk, with amazing views all around and a nice path, which is easy enough for children as well. It makes a great family walk!

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