The bountiful month of October in the mountains

October is a glorious month in the mountains. The warm, orange light of the sun through the trees, the paths covered with colourful fallen leaves, and the wildlife of the mountains, are a treat reserved for the elves, fairies, and few adventurous people.

The landscape in this season is really something miraculous, when the mesmerising colours of the mountains meet the dramatic and changing sky. The season evolves quickly, and you don’t want to miss any of it!

This is the best time to pick chestnuts, which besides being a fantastic family entertainment, also provides a good source of food. Chestnuts were always one of the major sources of nutrition for people living in the mountains, and could feed families and animals through the cold months of autumn and winter.

Looking for chestnuts is such fun!
Chestnuts roasting on the stove

Of course we don’t only love roasted chestnuts, but we also entertain ourselves with plenty of delicious, hearty recipes typical of this beautiful season.

Home-made pasta drying on the home-made pasta dryer!
Tortelli filled with spinach and ricotta!

We truly enjoy Autumn in Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding area. The neighbouring Garfagnana valley with its woods, castles, quaint villages, and medieval atmosphere is a great place to explore and a very pleasant escape for the family. We feel our spirits lifted whenever we are out and about in the mountains at this time of year.