Autumn in Bagni di Lucca

Fall is a wonderful season to be in Bagni di Lucca. Under the golden light of a warm sun, the valley is full of autumn color,  the atmosphere scented with the first woodsmoke and hints of the caldarroste (roast chestnuts) and vin brule’ (mulled wine) warming in the corners of ancient villages.

There are many sagre (festivals) around in this period, often celebrating chestnuts – a typical product of this area which is used to make some wonderful recipes! Here is a list of selected sagre in October:

  • 15/10 Festa del Vino, Fosciandora / Festa della Castagna, Careggine
  • 21/10 Sapori d’Autunno, Pieve di Fosciandora / Mondinata al Ponte, Borgo a Mozzano
  • 22/10 Sagra della Castagna, Lucchio
  • 29/10 Castagnata CAI, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana / Castagnata in Riva al Lago, Pentecosi,  Pieve Fosciandora

4 Replies to “Autumn in Bagni di Lucca”

    1. Indeed the mulled wine is really delicious when outside is getting cooler. And I love “necci” as well – so tasty! This area has a deep chestnut tradition – it used to be a great source of food and it is still very used in the local recipes. This year we will try to make it to the chestnut festival in Lucchio – hopefully the weather will be sunny!

    1. Necci is a very typical product of Garfagnana. You eat it like a crepe, filled, but is made with chestnut flour and cooked on hot iron on chestnut leaves. Next time you’re here, you should try it! It goes down better with a glass or two of mulled wine!

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