Azalea Festival at Borgo a Mozzano

The village of Borgo a Mozzano, a few kilometers from Bagni di Lucca, holds every year a very colourful festival, la festa dell’Azalea, or the Azalea festival.

All along the main street there are stands selling local products, food, drinks, clothes and, of course, flowers!

Although the sky was a little overcast, the festival was very well attended.

The villagers decorated their houses and arranged very beautiful displays along the main street – what a treat to walk amongst so many colourful flowers and decorations!

A band played music and danced along the street. We were very impressed with the dancers!

Due to a rainy start to the day, we weren’t sure whether to participate. But we were very happy that we did. We had a great day   at Borgo a Mozzano, enjoying the beautiful displays, the music, the decorations all over the town, and overall the very festive atmosphere of such a pretty village!