Halloween at Bagni di Lucca & around

Halloween is not an Italian tradition but here, in Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding area, it is well celebrated.

Bagni di Lucca La Villa has several themed displays  (Pub ‘La Lira’ pictured) and, on the 31st,  children traditionally go around the town ‘trick or treating’.

In Ponte a Serraglio,  Bar Italia offers a Halloween buffet from 7 p.m.  In Fornoli there are two Halloween events: a  Horror Movie Night at the Daiquiry Pub and a Halloween Night at the Cafe’ Catene.

But the biggest and most famous celebration  is at Borgo a Mozzano, which puts on, amazingly, one of the biggest Halloween parties in Italy!
The event lasts for several days and peaks on the 31st. Along the winding old main street, decked out with banners and spooky regalia,  you can find food stalls, live music, magic shows,  games,  and haunted houses.

Link here: http://www.halloweencelebration.it/



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