Casa Tolomei into 2018

2017 was our first year in business here at Casa Tolomei, and as we go towards the next season we’ve been taking a moment to reflect on the challenges of the year gone by. A year ago we only had one upstairs bedroom finished and it took a mountain of work to get the entire floor finished in time for summer, including redoing the terrace floortiles, consolidating crumbling plasterwork, installing a kitchen, and refitting bathrooms, amongst many,  many other tasks.  Having achieved that by July last year, we’re now looking forward to our first full year in 2018!

As a matter of fact, Casa Tolomei has a long history as a holiday rental,  going back to the 1800s.  There have been some famous poets and artists among its visitors. The English poets Robert Browning & Elizabeth Barrett spent two summers at the Villa, delighted, as Elizabeth wrote, with its “comfort” and “beautiful and joyous” surroundings, “very green, very cool, very picturesque or even more. There are the old magnificent mountains and chestnut woods, and a great moonlights – won’t you come and see?”

Many years have passed since then, but the villa,  set “in the heart of the most enchanting scenery,” has kept all its charm, comfort, and beautiful surroundings.  At the same time we have expanded our options to meet our guests needs. Besides bright and spacious suites, this year we are happy to introduce two self catering solutions: a luxurious studio flat, ideal for couples or small families,  and an apartment for 4-6 people, with a big terrace for al-fresco dining, two bathrooms and up to three bedrooms.

Due to the historical interest of the house, and its artistic links, the villa also suggests itself as an ideal location for writers or artists retreats and wedding groups.