Nature rambles around Casa Tolomei

We love nature, and this is one reason why we moved to Bagni di Lucca.  In every season, the scenery around is stunning and the sun is often shining in a blue sky.

Prato Fiorito in the far distance

Just opposite Casa Tolomei there is a picturesque walk along the river Lima The Poets Walk, where Elizabeth Barrett declared her love to Robert Browning.

The Poets’ Walk

When the sun is out, we often head for the woods above our house, which never disappoint, offering a magical setting and a profusion of wildflowers, birds, and stunning views.

Wildflowers along a woodland path

In winter you can admire the snowy peaks of the mountains in the distance…

A vineyard with a view of the snow-capped peaks

…and peep though the leafless trees towards the ancient villages around.

Corsena seen through the trees

The bees are already out in the woods in search of the first flowers.

A row of colourful beehives

A nature ramble is always a tonic for the soul – and we feel very lucky to have so much greenery so close to us.




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    1. Yes Debra, winter walks are especially charming and offer interesting views. And you never sweat – in summer it could get too hot!

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