A day out around Porto Venere 

Every summer we visit Liguria. It is one of our favourite spots for a day out and we all love it! It is an ideal trip for anyone who likes a bit of adventure.
From Lucca you can take a train to La Spezia. At La Spezia we normally take a train to Monterosso, the first of the Cinque Terre, but this time we explored a different area and took the bus to Porto Venere.

The bus trip by itself is beautiful and takes you in under 20 minutes to Porto Venere, a charming village on the Golfo dei Poeti.

The walks above the village offer amazing views on the gulf.

Porto Venere is a real gem and we love strolling around the village, the port, the church and the castle.

It was a sunny day and we decided to take the boat to the Isola Palmaria for a nice swim.

From the island you enjoy amazing views all around up to La Spezia.

After a walk and a fabulous swim in crystalline waters, we took the boat back to Porto Venere. The trip is very enjoyable, but too short for our kids, so we decided to take the ferry to La Spezia and enjoy another trip on the gulf.

La Spezia is a port city, with a line of palms along the promenade. It feels very “Riviera” like.

From the port we walked to the station along the very charming city centre, with open views on the Mediterranean on one side and dotted hills on the other.

We had a wonderful day at Porto Venere, travelling by train, bus, and boat to enjoy all those amazing views on colourful villages and blue, blue and blue!